This Just In: Donald Trump Makes Public Statement Regarding “Star Wars”

The following is an actual excerpt from President Trump’s press conference regarding the original Star Wars trilogy earlier today:

“Here is the thing.  I just watched the entire Star Wars trilogy…. just the first three movies.   I am not watching the movies with Jar Jar in them because he is a giant loser.  I made sure that I finished watching the “Return of the Jedi” movie before making a public statement because I wanted to get all of the facts.  Now look, the Empire had some really bad dudes in it.   I am talking about some really nasty hombres.   I had never heard of Darth Vader or Anakin Skywalker or whatever he calls himself before today so I don’t plan on making any comments about him.  I don’t even know who he is. Please understand that I am not putting anybody in this movie on a moral plane, but what I’m staying is this: you had a group on one side and a group on the other, and they came at each other with space ships and lightsabers.  It was vicious and horrible.  Both sides were fighting.  Other people won’t tell you this but I watched these movies much closer than the rest of you.  The fake rebellion kept complaining about the “dark side” through the entire trilogy but there was also a “light side” doing some very bad things.  This one side had so-called “stormtroopers” or whatever you want to call them but the other side had some very bad people in that group also.  But there were also some very fine people on both sides, as well.  So look, they blew up this big beautiful Death Star… TWICE!  What’s next?  The Death Star was a part of the Empire’s history and culture.  Where does it end?   Luke Skywalker was the son of Darth Vader… are they going to blow up his Death Star next time?  I really don’t see the point.”

The Quiet and Beautiful Life of William Kuriger

My father-in-law finally lost his long and courageous battle with esophageal cancer.  He wasn’t just our most amazing family member… he was our hero.  I recently wrote a eulogy for him which was presented by my wife at his funeral yesterday and she spoke for every single one of us.  The following is the text of the original eulogy which we provided for our family.

“Most people would agree that William Kuriger was a man of few words.  If brevity is truly the soul of wit then he was very likely to be one of the wittiest men to ever walk the Earth.   Telling his family members that he loved them came quite easily throughout his life, but getting much else out of this man was sometimes a chore.  It often seemed that he considered each question presented to him as a personal challenge to provide an answer with the fewest number of words possible.

We live in a world that is so full of talk.   We are bombarded almost daily with people who brag about their lives and accomplishments.  Promises don’t seem to mean as much as they used to and words are often thrown around carelessly.  We are exposed to so much chatter these days that it has almost become background noise.  It makes you wonder how soft spoken people are ever supposed to get noticed in today’s world.

Bill Kuriger had plenty to say to every single one of us if we were just willing to listen… he simply spoke to us through non-conventional means.  He spoke to us through his sixty-year marriage to Dolores.  He taught us about the value of personal loyalty and uncompromising devotion. He showed us to take your marriage vows seriously including the parts about sickness and health.  He made sure we all knew that “happily ever after” isn’t just a phrase for storybooks.   He and his beloved wife took on major setbacks in life with a grace and dignity which was inspiring.

He spoke to us in the way that he raised his seven children.  He showed us the importance of being a provider for your family and the model of consistency.  His calm demeanor and steady presence earned respect from others and he offered mutual respect in return.  He spoke to us through the lives of his grandchildren, as well.  Their grandpa was always willing to read a story or play catch.  He was even willing to travel across the entire country in order to attend their wedding or graduation. He taught us all how to truly be present in the lives of our loved ones.

He spoke to our love of knowledge.  As a college professor at the University of Oklahoma, he taught multiple generations how to start asking the right questions.  He was usually the smartest guy in the room but he never acted like it.  He showed us all that we never stop being students and that we should always be open to the concept of learning new things.  He also spoke to our love of country. As a member of the United States Marine Corps, he taught all of us about the importance of selflessness, sacrifice, and raw determination.

Most importantly, Bill Kuriger spoke to all of us through his faith.  He did not need to use many words for himself as long as he lived in a manner which was true to the word of God.   He preached the gospel on a daily basis without even needing to open his mouth.   He told God that he loved Him in the best way possible… he showed Him.

We have gathered here today to remember the quiet and beautiful life of William Kuriger.  Everyone here today wants you to know that we were listening, Bill.  We heard you.  We found your amazing voice above the cacophony of endless chatter and background noise.  You were one of the greatest teachers that any of us ever knew… and you spoke volumes.”



The Last Resort

I have always considered myself to be a very peaceful person.

I would not necessarily call myself a pacifist but I have always believed that physical violence should always be used as the very last resort.

I was bullied as a small child and I learned at a very early age that violence is rarely ever the answer.

I told my son when he first started school that I never wanted to see him act like a bully.

I expected him to be the kid who stood up to the bullies.

I am always very forward looking and I generally try to avoid conflict.

I do have guns in my home and I always have.

I grew up hunting and learned proper gun safety before I even learned how to drive.

I do not “love guns” and I do not “hate guns.”

I simply have guns in my life just like kitchen utensils… because they serve a valuable purpose.

Hunting is no longer the purpose for my guns because I rarely go hunting anymore.

The purpose of my guns is to protect me and my family from thieves, thugs, traitors, and tyrants.

I am saying this right now because I need to explain something very important.

I feel comfortable saying this today because most of the people who consider my guns to be a potential threat to the rest of society are virtually powerless in the political arena right now.

I believe deep down in my soul that some of the people who consider my guns to be a threat to the rest of society will eventually regain control of this nation one day.

I believe that a power grab to completely disarm me still may occur within my lifetime.

I feel the need to inform you of something in order to avoid a potential conflict down the road.

If you do ever show up at my door and demand that I surrender my weapons…

I will remember every school yard bully who only picked on the weak and the vulnerable.

I will recall the very first shots fired from the Old North Bridge against the oppressive threat of tyranny in Concord.

Most importantly, I will remember the very important lessons that our founding fathers tried to teach each and every one of us.

I will immediately recognize that you are the tyrant that John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison tried to warn us about.

This will be the moment of my last resort… and I will open fire.


An American Patriot

Bold Suggestions In Order To Repair America

Our country is in very serious trouble. These are my very bold personal recommendations on how to fix these massive problems.

1) Eliminate the Department of Education – it’s simply not working.

2) Eliminate the Veteran’s Administration – provide all veterans with a lifetime voucher to purchase free insurance in the private market.

3) Eliminate the Federal Communications Commission – let the free market decide which forms of communication are acceptable

4) Lower the corporate tax rate to 15 percent which will allow for an influx of new industry and job growth.

5) Introduce a federal sales tax which exempts taxes on food and basic living requirements and is highest on luxury items.

6) Drastically reduce funding to the United Nations.

7) Pass a law eliminating all foreign financial aid until our government is running budget surpluses.

8) Eliminate all financial contributions going to the International Monetary Fund.

9) Audit the Federal Reserve.

10) Audit America’s gold reserves including Fort Knox.

11) Set up a “Global Trade Freedom Organization” which includes all of the willing nations that do not engage in slave labor practices. All countries who do actually engage in slave labor practices will have to pay an import tariff to all of the countries participating in the GTFO… and yes that acronym was on purpose.

12) Secure both of our major borders using advanced technology and a strengthened border patrol.

13) Create an investigative committee to find areas of government waste and excessive government regulation run completely by professionals and business owners with a plan to create a bill eliminating excessive government waste by the year 2018.

14) Completely repeal every single part of the Affordable Care Act and provide access to Medicaid for any citizen who loses their previous insurance for one year in order to help then with the transition.

15) Allow for the option of tax-free personal healthcare accounts. This would be like a Roth IRA but for medical care.

16) Remove all restrictions for insurance to be sold across state lines.

17) Begin significant tort reform to further bring down the cost of healthcare.

18) Pass the Healthcare Price Discovery Act where all prices for all aspects of healthcare must be immediately available to the general public.

19) Increase the amount of federal money going to Federally Qualified Health Centers so that people everywhere who lose their insurance over the long term can still get baseline affordable healthcare.

20) Begin an incremental increase to the retirement age for Social Security. People currently in their 50’s would add 3 years to their retirement age. People in their 40’s would add 4 years. Those in their 30’s would add 5 years. Everyone in their 20’s or younger would be told of their retirement age at a later date.

21) Allow for oil drilling in select locations within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

22) Reduce the amount of federal dollars going towards a traditional college education and redirect much of this money to vocational school so that more of our population will begin to learn trade skills.

23) Begin to adjust personal income tax rates lower and the federal sales tax rate higher until the federal government is consistently running small budget surpluses. We will then use these budget surpluses to start paying down our debt.

Clinton 101: Hillary Rodham Clinton


Today we will be finishing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. This final update will be the largest of the entire series and will also contain recent information for those who simply might not be paying attention. The person in this picture is named Hillary Rodham Clinton. She was born in Chicago and received her law degree from Yale. She would marry Bill Clinton in 1975 and then become the first female partner at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm just three years later.

While working at Rose Law Firm, she would help draft the legislation for the Arkansas Development Finance Authority state agency along with her law partner, Webb Hubbell. This agency would eventually face serious accusations from an internal whistleblower of money laundering for an illegal drug smuggling operation possibly involving her husband. Webster Hubbell would end up in prison. She and her husband would also enter into a Whitewater real estate business investment around this same time with her good friends Jim and Susan McDougal. Both of these close friends would also end up in prison for their actions surrounding this questionable land deal.

While working as a defense attorney for a client who was accused of raping a twelve-year-old girl named Kathy Shelton, Hillary Clinton would accuse this child of “seeking out older men” and demand that the little girl get a psychiatric examination to determine whether or not she was “mentally unstable.” Mrs. Clinton would later laugh about the fact that this same client passed a lie detector test by claiming that this “forever destroyed her faith in polygraphs.”

Hillary would later move into the White House after her husband had won the presidency. A family friend working in the White House named Craig Livingstone would soon steal many of the top secrets being held within the FBI. He would resign in disgrace. Hillary Clinton would also accuse the entire White House Travel Office of stealing money around this same time. The seven people associated with these accusations would be found not guilty in a court of law and most of Hillary Clinton’s testimony surrounding the case would be determined to be a lie.

Hillary Clinton invited her closest friend and fellow lawyer named Vince Foster to come work with her in the White House. He became very upset about how the Travel Office was treated and the subsequent congressional investigation into his role. Within the first few months of the Clinton administration, the First Lady would end up screaming at Mr. Foster very publicly during a well-attended White House meeting regarding his own ineptness. Vince Foster would be found dead of an apparent gunshot wound to the head just a few days later.

Hillary Clinton and her husband left the White House in early 2001. They would very quickly be accused of taking a large amount of White House furniture and government property valued at almost two-hundred thousand dollars. After receiving significant public scrutiny for this odd behavior, most of the materials in question were eventually returned.

Hillary Clinton would go on to become a Senator from New York. She would also join her husband in starting up an organization called the Clinton Foundation. During Senator Clinton’s time on Capitol Hill, she only sponsored three bills that actually turned into law. One law renamed a highway after a journalist, one law renamed a post office, and the third law deemed a brick house in New York to be preserved as a national historic site.

Hillary Clinton would run for President in 2008 where she would lose in the Democratic primary to a political newcomer named Barack Obama. She would quickly resign from the Senate in order to become President Obama’s Secretary of State. Immediately upon doing this, she would set up an unauthorized private e-mail server which she would use for one-hundred percent of her personal and official business while Secretary of State. She would soon become an important part of the difficult decision to have our military secretly violate Pakistan’s airspace based on very limited intelligence and ultimately eliminate Osama Bin Laden. Some advisors were against the raid while Secretary Clinton was strongly and vocally in favor of it. This would end up being one of her most successful accomplishments.

Secretary Clinton would later push for the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in Libya in 2011. President Obama would listen closely to Secretary Clinton’s advice and send in our military to help overthrow the Libyan government via air support. Libya would eventually descend into complete chaos and be overrun by various terrorist factions. President Obama would go on to describe this decision regarding Libya as the single biggest mistake of his presidency.

Most governments around the globe would proceed to pull their officials and ambassadors out of the chaos in Libya but the United States would choose leave a political presence there. Ambassador Chris Stevens remained in Libya where his hundreds of requests to Clinton’s State Department for increased security in Benghazi went unanswered. He and three other Americans were killed on September 11, 2012 during a thirteen hour attack by members of Ansar Al-Sharia on the Benghazi consulate. Air support was requested multiple times throughout the ordeal but it never arrived. Hillary Clinton would inform her daughter via e-mail just two hours afterwards that the attack in Benghazi was caused by an “Al Queda-like group.” She would inform the Egyptian prime minister by e-mail the following morning that this was “a planned attack, not a protest.” Over the next few days and weeks leading up to the President’s reelection, Hillary Clinton would suddenly begin to inform the family members of the fallen in Benghazi and the rest of the American people that these deaths were due to a protest over an inflammatory YouTube video. When grilled by members on Capitol Hills about her apparent discrepancies later and the real reason behind these brave American’s deaths she would famously ask the panel, “What difference at this point does it make?”

During Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State, it would be discovered that the Clinton Foundation would be simultaneously receiving large contributions from heads of state from all around the globe. The taking of this money by her foundation was done directly against President Obama’s wishes. The Clinton Foundation accepted a one million dollar check from Qatar and met with representatives from Brazil, Peru, and Rwanda to “discuss donations and philanthropic strategies.” An e-mail leak from top Clinton aide Doug Band recently suggested that a second alleged “money laundering scheme” could be going on behind the scenes at the Clinton Foundation. It was suggested that much of the money flowing towards the Clinton Foundation would be re-routed to the Clintons themselves through formal payments for speaking fees as well as indirectly through travel, hospitality, and vacations. He referred to this money shuffling system in order to get funds from charitable contributions into the hands of Bill and Hillary Clinton as “Clinton, Inc.”

While investigating the deaths and cover up surrounding Benghazi, Congress would eventually discover the existence of Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail server. Hillary Clinton received a congressional subpoena on March 4th, 2015 to preserve every single e-mail and computer server in her possession. This happened while Hillary Clinton was actively running for President of the United States. Over the period of March 25th to the 31st of that same year, Clinton’s personal staff would proceed to not only delete tens of thousands of her e-mails but to completely wipe some of her e-mail servers using a piece of software called “BleachBit.” Hillary Clinton publicly denied ever having sent or receiving classified government e-mails on her private server. The FBI subsequently found 110 classified e-mails on her server. Eight of those e-mails contained the highest possible classification of sensitive government information and were “top secret.” Bill Clinton attempted to meet secretly with the head of the Justice Department while sitting inside an airplane sitting out on a tarmac in Phoenix. However, news of the private meeting was leaked. Just a few days later, the Director of the FBI James Comey announced that although much of Hilary Clinton’s behavior was grossly incompetent and irresponsible, no legal charges would be filed against her. Less than two weeks before the Presidential election, FBI Director Comey would announce that he is reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton and her e-mails based on new information discovered while investigating a separate legal case surrounding one of Hillary Clinton’s top aides.

If you objectively examine the history of Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, a pattern will quickly emerge. You will find a pattern of deep-seeded corruption, lies, and intentional deception. Most importantly, you will discover the process of Bill and Hillary Clinton repeatedly using their political influence to allow for millions of dollars to flow through their fingers via quid pro quo arrangements and third-party payers. The Clintons have a rich history of repeated political conflicts of interest and plausible deniability. Both Hillary Clinton and her husband have found a way to enrich themselves to a combined net worth of at least one-hundred million dollars while claiming a lifelong commitment to public service.

Hillary Clinton will be now be under active criminal investigation by federal authorities on Election Day. If she is elected President, she could possibly be in control of both the Justice Department and the FBI before the investigation even gets started and before any charges can even be filed. Hillary Rodham Clinton is currently on the verge of being handed almost unlimited political power. How this sordid story concludes is up to you.

Clinton 101: Dan Lasater


Today we will be continuing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. The man in this picture is named Dan Lasater. If one investigates most of the infamous Clinton scandals, his name is surely to pop up. One really cannot understand the Clinton legacy without taking a close look at this man. Dan Lasater was an Arkansas native who grew up in poverty. He started his own hamburger chain in Indiana when he was just 19-years-old. He became a very wealthy man and decided to eventually liquidate his business and move back to Arkansas. He founded the Ponderosa Steakhouse national restaurant chain and began to pursue an interest in his life-long love of racing horses.

Micah Morrison of the Wall Street Journal did an in depth investigation into Lasater in 1995 and she provides much of his backstory. Bill Clinton lost his gubernatorial reelection bid back in 1980 and was introduced to Dan Lasater soon afterwards. Multiple witnesses in Arkansas described Lasater as Bill Clinton’s frequent partying companion. Dan Lasater began working with Bill Clinton almost daily on a plan for Clinton to regain the governor’s seat.

Dan Lasater had actually been a friend of Bill Clinton’s brother and mother since 1979. He met them both at the Oaklawn Park horseracing track because their boxes at the track were sitting directly adjacent to each other. Roger Clinton was working intermittently as a struggling musician in Hot Springs when the two first met. In 1982, Bill Clinton and his mother both encouraged Dan Lasater to provide Roger Clinton with a job. Lasater then hired Roger to work with him on his horse racing farm in Florida.

One day, Roger Clinton approached his new boss and informed him that he owed a drug dealer eight thousand dollars. Roger told him that he feared for his own family’s safety if this debt was not repaid so Dan Lasater reluctantly agreed to loan him the money. Lasater would go on to explain that this private revelation from Roger would introduce both himself and Bill Clinton into Roger’s secret world of cocaine use. To this day, Dan Lasater admits that he and Bill Clinton would provide free cocaine to young girls at parties but that Roger was the only person actively involved in the sale of cocaine for personal profit. Former girlfriend Patty-Ann Smith reported that she once witnessed Dan Lasater and Bill Clinton snorting cocaine in the kitchen of Lasater’s house. Lasater would later admit under oath that he would also provide free cocaine to some of his own employees in an effort to control them.

Over the next few years, the personal bond between Dan Lasater and Bill Clinton would grow stronger. Lasater began to sponsor fundraising parties for Clinton at his offices. He made his airplane available for both Bill and Hillary Clinton to use for campaigning as well as private events. By 1983, Bill Clinton would regain the governor’s mansion. Dan Lasater owned a bond firm which would be approached by Governor Clinton and allowed to become an official underwriter with the ADFA for state issued bonds. A whistleblower would later reveal that this state agency was being used to launder money for the cocaine trade. When an Arkansas State Trooper privately confronted Governor Clinton about personally witnessing airplanes full of cocaine being flown into the state, Clinton reportedly responded, “That is Lasater’s deal.”

Dan Lasater’s bond firm was sued in 1985 alleging that his company committed securities fraud by illegally using funds from a struggling Savings and Loan named First American for unauthorized treasury bonds futures trades. His world began to unravel even further the following year when he was publicly accused of cocaine possession and drug trafficking. The FDIC seized First American during a nationwide bailout of failing S&L banks in 1986 and they decided to pursue the lawsuit against Mr. Lasater in order recoup some of the financial losses for the American taxpayers.

This is the part where the story starts to become very “sticky” for Hillary Clinton. The FDIC hired Vince Foster and Hillary Rodham Clinton at the Rose Law Firm for their assistance in going after Dan Lasater. Mrs. Clinton did not recuse herself from the case at the time or report any close personal association with Mr. Lasater. Mrs. Clinton and her law firm would proceed to sue Dan Lasater on behalf of the FDIC and the United States government. She proceeded to only provide two billable working hours and work with fellow law partner Vince Foster to quickly negotiate a secret out-of-court settlement which only recouped a little over half of First American’s total losses. Most outside observers viewed this as a very favorable deal for Dan Lasater. Only afterwards would the FDIC learn of Hillary Clinton’s glaring and obvious conflict of interest and would eventually issue a critical public report regarding the issue. Hillary Clinton defended herself publicly by saying that Dan Lasater was never her personal friend… Dan Lasater was simply Bill’s friend.

The American taxpayers would never end up recouping the other half of their bailout losses. Dan Lasater and Roger Clinton would both go on to serve prison sentences for the illegal distribution of cocaine. Both men would eventually be pardoned by Bill Clinton.

Clinton 101: Webb Hubbell


Today we will be continuing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. People often ask themselves, “If the Clintons were really so corrupt back in the 1980s then how could they possibly get away with all of it?” The answer to that age old question is simply, Webb Hubbell. The person in this picture is named Webster Lee Hubbell. He was an offensive tackle for the Arkansas Razorbacks and was drafted to play for the Chicago Bears until a serious knee injury ruined his career. He went on to become a lawyer at Rose Law Firm.

Webb Hubble had very close ties to Hillary Clinton and Vince Foster while working at Rose Law Firm. In 1983, Hillary Clinton, Webb Hubbell, and Vince Foster all joined an investment scheme which named each other, rather than their spouses, as beneficiaries. Just a few years later, Hubbell would draft the legislation called Act 1062 which would allow the creation of the Arkansas Developer Finance Authority (or ADFA) to completely take over the state bond business. Hillary Clinton and Webb Hubbell also did the initial audit of the ADFA while working at Rose Law Firm and found this to be a new business in good standing. The ADFA was advertised to the public as a new state agency that would provide important loans to business, schools and churches. These bonds that were issued by the ADFA were valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars and were personally approved by Governor Clinton with the details being managed by Roger Clinton and underwritten by Dan Lasater. Both Roger and Dan would eventually be charged and convicted for the illegal distribution of cocaine.

A man named Larry Nichols would soon go to work at the Arkansas Developer Finance Authority. He would eventually become a whistleblower and attempt to reveal the work that he believed was really going on there. After working there for only two weeks, Nichols asked the President of the ADFA about the criterion for giving out a loan. He reports being told that they are to provide money to whomever the Clintons wanted. Nichols would describe himself as being at the very epicenter of the Bill and Hillary Clinton’s underground political machine.

All applications for state bonds in the ADFA were required to go through the Rose Law Firm for a fee of fifty thousand dollars each. There were five other companies which were more qualified to do this kind of work, yet Rose Law firm received 100 percent of this business. Larry Nichols would go on to discover that many of the close friends of Bill and Hillary Clinton who received these loans were never even required to pay them back. He believed that these funds were being used for political “payback” and “hush money.” These loans would exist at the ADFA for a few months and then would mysteriously “zero balance” meaning that they would just disappear into the nether. After doing independent internal research into these massive questionable loans, Larry Nichols would eventually conclude that the Arkansas Developer Finance Authority was actually a large money laundering operation for a nationwide cocaine distribution operation being run out of the small town of Mena, Arkansas. There was reportedly around 100 million dollars of cocaine money coming in each month and it needed a place to go. Nichols alleges that the ultimate destination for this drug money was the Arkansas Developer Finance Authority. Webb Hubbell and Hillary Clinton helped to create the ADFA where two convicted cocaine dealers helped to manage all of the money from within while Governor Bill Clinton signed off on every single loan.

Webb Hubbell eventually became the Chairman of the Conflicts of Interests Committee at Rose Law Firm. In 1988, he would advance the Ethics in Government Act which would require Arkansas legislators to report any existing conflicts of interest within the state government. Incredibly, this law specifically exempted Governor Bill Clinton as well as any of his political appointees or relatives.

Webb Hubbell would go on to serve as the Mayor of Little Rock until he was appointed by Bill Clinton as Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court. After the 1992 Presidential election, Hubbell became one of the Clinton administration’s senior officials and was formally nominated as the Associate Attorney General of the United States. Hubbell would later be required to step down from this position after it was publicly revealed that he intentionally over-billed and stole from his clients for years while working right down the hall from Hillary Clinton at the Rose Law Firm. He would eventually confess and admit publicly to all of these crimes. Hubbell lost his law licence and would spend 18 months in federal prison.

I would be remiss in talking about Webb Hubbell without addressing the single most shocking unsubstantiated rumor which has been swirling around him for years. Many people genuinely believe that Webster Hubbell is the biological father of Chelsea Clinton. I am not a big fan of rumors as I try to only deal in facts. I must admit while considering these rumors that the two individuals do bear a striking resemblance to each other. I can tell you that independent investigator Robert Morrow has quoted Bill Clinton as previously saying, “I shoot blanks.” When inquired further about Chelsea, Clinton reportedly responded, “Oh, Webb sired her.” In 2014, The National Enquirer reportedly obtained DNA from Webb Hubbell at a book signing event and subsequent DNA testing concluded that Hubbell could not be excluded at Chelsea’s father. At a press conference, Morrow publicly asked Chelsea Clinton, “Has your mother ever told you that you’re the daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton?” Chelsea calmly answered, “I’m so proud to be my parent’s daughter.” Webb Hubbell was also publicly asked if he was the father of Chelsea Clinton. His answer was even more revealing… he simply replied, “No comment.”

Please try to remember everything you just learned about Webb Hubbell and the serious allegations of illegal money laundering at the Arkansas Developer Finance Authority throughout the 1980’s. This will provide a helpful backstory when we eventually examine the 189 million dollar “charity” otherwise known as The Clinton Foundation.

Clinton 101: Linda Ives


Today we will be continuing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. The person in this picture is named Linda Ives. She is the mother to one of the children who famously became known as “The Boys on the Tracks.” This story will focus on the very short lives of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. On August 22nd, these two boys went out for a night of deer hunting in a secluded area of rural Arkansas. The next morning at 4:25 AM, a Union Pacific train ran over their bodies which were both sprawled all over the railroad tracks.

The Arkansas State Medical Examiner and Governor Clinton appointee Dr. Fahmy Malak quickly ruled both deaths as “accidental” stating that both boys were “unconscious and in a deep sleep” on the tracks after consuming a large quantity of marijuana. Documents would later show that neither boy was ever even tested for marijuana. The investigation was so sloppy that one of Kevin’s feet was actually left in plain sight at the scene. Linda Ives eventually challenged these findings resulting in their bodies being exhumed and reexamined. A second independent autopsy by Dr. Joseph Burton showed that Don Henry had been stabbed in the back and Kevin Ives had been beaten with the butt of a rifle. In September 1988, a grand jury concluded that both deaths were definite homicides. Police records eventually revealed a “confidential informant” who stated these two boys were hunting right in the middle of a drop zone for an elaborate cocaine smuggling operation which was being run out of the small town of Mena.

Public pressure began to build over the mishandling of the two original medical examinations. Governor Clinton promised to get to the bottom of this discrepancy and called in two pathologists from out of state to review the work of the state crime lab. However, when a Saline County grand jury later tried to subpoena those experts for testimony in the case, Governor Clinton refused to allow it. Bill Clinton continued to publicly defend and support Dr. Fahmy Malak for many years despite a huge public outcry for his removal due to numerous questionable examination reports. Dr. Malak had once famously ruled that a decapitated victim had died from a perforated ulcer and that another victim with multiple gunshot wounds to his back had somehow committed suicide. Just before Clinton announced that he was running for President, Fahmy Malak was assigned by Clinton to another high-paying job within the state government. All of Governor Clinton’s peculiar actions must be evaluated within the context of the growing chorus of accusations that Clinton himself was intimately involved with the cocaine smuggling operation out of Mena.

In 1996, the New York Times Magazine asked Phillip Weiss to write a story on “The Clinton Haters.” His assignment was to interview the Clinton conspiracy theorists and reveal them for the nut-cases that they were expected to be. The first call that Mr. Weiss made when he got to Arkansas was Linda Ives. Weiss later admitted that the four hours that he spent interviewing Linda Ives changed his life forever. He later recounted, “When I left Linda’s house, late at night… I promised her I wouldn’t sell her out… I didn’t realize it yet, but I was already becoming a Clinton-hater.”

Linda Ives continues to speak out publicly about this case. Because of Linda Ives persistence in trying to find justice for her son over the years, she was reportedly placed on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s official “enemies list.” The individuals who brutally murdered Kevin Ives and Don Henry in that pitch black Arkansas field were never found.

Clinton 101: Barry Seal


Today we will be continuing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. The man in this picture is named Barry Seal. Mr. Seal was an American aircraft pilot and drug smuggler who repeatedly transported large quantities of cocaine for the Medellin Cartel of Colombia.

Barry Seal began his career flying for TWA in 1964. He was fired in 1972 on charges of flying illegal explosives into Mexico. His life soon turned to drug smuggling and in 1981, Seal would find his base of operations inside an airport facility in Mena, Arkansas. In March of 1984, Mr. Seal would be caught by federal agents and “flipped”. He would secretly become a covert government informant for the DEA.

Investigators and Barry Seal soon uncovered multiple powerful government officials who secretly fostered this cocaine trade. Investigators believed that this small airport in Mena was being used by our own government as a part of what soon would be known to everyone as the “Iran-Contra affair.” This was a plot devised during the Reagan administration to free seven American hostages in Lebanon by using Israel as a proxy in order to sell illegal weapons to Iran in exchange for the hostage release. Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North reportedly decided later to use the profits from these weapons sales to fund the anti-communist Contras in Nicaragua. Mena Regional Airport appeared to be doing more than just flying cocaine into the United States… it appeared to also be supplying unauthorized weapons to forces inside Nicaragua at Oliver North’s direction.

This investigation suggested some sort of involvement with George H.W. Bush’s family, Oliver North, and the CIA itself. Barry Seal was beginning to tell people that Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton knowingly provided protection for all of this illegal activity going on at the Mena airport in exchange for assistance with his political aspirations. It appeared that some covert DEA operations accidentally ran into CIA operations and government corruption with Barry Seal caught in the middle. Barry Seal was beginning to reveal the darkest secrets of some very powerful people.

On February the 19th, 1986, Barry Seal was returning to a Salvation Army halfway house at precisely 6:00 PM as part of his probation for a recent drug convictions. A man with a machine gun approached his Cadillac. Two quick bursts hit Barry Seal’s head and a third struck his body. He died instantly. Seal was murdered just before he was supposed to testify in front of an Arkansas grand jury. If anyone is interested in learning more about the life and death of Barry Seal, Tom Cruise will be playing him on the big screen in a movie called “American Made” set for release next September.

Bill Clinton has always denied any involvement with Barry Seal and the massive cocaine smuggling operation in Mena, Arkansas. However, it should be noted that in March of 1992, during Bill Clinton’s Presidential campaign, members of Clinton’s staff were instructed to remove all documents pertaining to the Mena cocaine trafficking investigation from the Attorney General’s office after word got out that the media was in the process of filing official Freedom of Information Act requests. It should also be noted that Bill Clinton’s brother Roger and one of Bill’s close personal friends named Dan Lasater, both went to prison for cocaine related crimes. Roger Clinton went to prison for selling cocaine to an undercover officer. Arkansas State Trooper L.D. Brown reportedly once told Bill Clinton that he had personally seen drugs on flights going out of Mena to which Mr. Clinton responded, “that is Lasater’s deal.” Dan Lasater would eventually be quoted as saying that Bill and Roger Clinton both regularly brought huge piles of cocaine to parties and usually provided these drugs to young girls. Dan Lasater and Roger Clinton, along with twelve other convicted cocaine dealers, were eventually pardoned by President Clinton.

Remember the name Dan Lasater. He is not just your every day run-of-the-mill cocaine dealer. He has a suspicious and controversial past with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Clinton 101: Marc Rich


Today we will be continuing our series on the dark and sordid history of the Clinton administration for the young and perpetually uninformed. The person in this picture is named Marc Rich. This man was wanted for multiple felony charges going back decades. He profited wildly for years by doing illegal business with our enemies while they were still under strict embargo. He did business with dirt bags and murderers and made a killing in the process. He propped up our enemies all around the globe. He was deservedly on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List. He fled to Switzerland and lived a life in exile until he arranged for multiple third-party cash payments to the Clintons for millions of dollars.

On January 20th, 2001, Bill Clinton issued an inexplicable Presidential pardon on his very last day in office in the wee hours of the morning. Marc Rich was basically allowed to purchase a “get out of jail free” card from the Clinton administration. The New York Times referred to this act as a shocking abuse of presidential power. He continued to provide the Clintons with millions of dollars in funding long after his release.

This act sent a powerful message around the world which still exists to this very day: Bill and Hillary Clinton have a price and can be bought.